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Oak Flooring Suppliers Bedford, Milton Keynes

As oak flooring suppliers supply you or your company with real solid wood flooring made from Oak. Why not get in touch with us for a free quote? We can also provide you with free samples of many of our available products on request. Call 01525 715501 for more information. Our team is on hand to offer any advice and queries you may have about your floor.

Solid Oak
Our selected character grade oak has all the sound knots and markings which give Oak it's distinctive appearance but with no major defects. Any unsound defects are cut out and the boards are end-matched (tongue and groove on the ends) and ready to lay. This product is unfinished and must be lightly sanded and sealed after laying.

oak flooring
Engineered Oak - Unfinished
This type of flooring has been designed to be 'ultra' stable and is especially suitable for underfloor heating. It is manufactured using a veneer of solid character grade oak which is bonded to a layer of plywood. This combination ensures an extremely strong, stable and versatile flooring product. The 189mm is available in 2 depths - 15mm & 21mm with the 21mm fully load bearing and can be laid and can be fixed directly onto floor joists. Both depths can also be bonded directly onto a concrete or existing wooden sub-floor.
oak flooring
Pitch Pine
Pitch Pine is a beautiful wood prized throughout the world for its distinctive grain, rich, lustrous patina and durable hardness. Manufactured with the same precision as our hardwoods, endmatched in long lengths, it is the perfect alternative to reclaimed pitch pine.
pitch pine floor

Paving Suppliers Bedford and Milton Keynes

Fendfine are also nationwide paving suppliers with there main business being in the Bedford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge and bedfordshire areas .

Fendfine has now brought together a selection of beautiful natural stone tiles. This selection includes marble, travertine, limestone, terracotta and granite, offered in a variety of finishes, presenting endless possibilities limited only by your imagination.

Our standard colours are Classic (light medium), Walnut (light brown shades) and Sienna (a light travertine with blue/grey markings). All the tumbled and chipped edge travertine is supplied in a traditional Opus Romano format. This consists of 4 sizes which, when laid, form a repeating modular pattern. The honed and filled travertine is supplied in 3 separate sizes which can be bought separately if required. Our range of travertine is stocked in 3 finishes:

  • Chipped edge and brushed aged surface
  • Tumbled with aged appearance
  • Honed and filled with a sawn edge
tile floor

Cotswold Vale Limestone
The Oolithic traditional Cotswold stone was formed millions of years ago and is prized for its natural beauty and warm golden colour. The limestone has been hand-worked to give a worn surface with pillowed edges to give the appearance of an old, well established floor.

limetone flooring
Raj Blend
Raj Blend is a riven stone which contains suble olive tones enhanced with a blend of browns and greys to create an inspirational British landscape feeling. This sandstone varies between 20mm and 40mm in thickness in the standard 600 series Universal pack. However, it is also available calibrated to 25mm and a coverage of 23.86m.
paving stones
Fossil Mint
Fossil mint is a riven stone predominantly buff and mint with a mixture of yellow ochre, sienna and pale pink. This is enhanced with a scattering of leaf prints to create a unique fossil effect. This sandstone varies between 20mm and 40mm in thickness in the standard 600 series Universal pack. However, it is also available calibrated to 25mm and a coverage of 23.86m.
paving stones
Sandstone Setts
The mixed brown sandstone setts are available in two formats, either square (100mm x 100mm) or randomly sized.
sandstone patio

Stone floors are practical and easy to maintain. They will continue to look good or even improve with age, and they will never need replacing. Except in a kitchen, the choice of stone will be made mainly on aesthetic grounds, and while there are many aspects to consider, two are of overriding importance.